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12 June
Timetable: 9:15−12:30;14:00−17:30 - Brescia

Parte prima:

Quadro normativo mercato Nord America (UL)

• Termini e definizioni

• Power supply systems in North America / USA

• Branch circuit – feeder circuit

• Power supply; main disconnecting means; power supply systems

• SCCR – Short Circuit Current Rating

Parte seconda:

• Motor branch circuits acc. to UL508A

• Protection of other loads

• Control circuits acc. to UL508A

• Enclosure types acc. to UL

• Unlisted components

• Information and search possibilities

• News NEC and UL508A

Request: Possibility to remotely manage the machines.

Proposal: Scalance S612 on the premises and one Scalance for each machine.

Results: A control station was created in the company offices from which depart the VPNs for each machine


Request: Possibility to create a line with about 20 machines (20 PLCs and 20 touch-screen panels) connected to a master PLC and a PC panel with a proprietary program to manage the scales.

Proposal: One S7-1200 PLC with a TP700 panel was inserted for each machine, a CPU 1511 for the master PLC and Simaticnet for communicating with the PC.

Results: The excellent results obtained have led the company to install two identical lines.

Request: Automation of a machine for the production of precast vibrated concrete in a continuous cycle: filling, vibration and emptying of predefined moulds.

Proposal: Installation of a PLC 1200 with three G120 inverters connected via Profinet.

Results: The machine is in production and following the excellent results obtained, another 10 systems of the same type are planned.


Man-machine interface is a technology to serve human work and Telmotor solutions enable a single operator to remotely monitor and control a machine, using specific command and signal devices, control platforms and carrying arm systems.


Control cabins require air conditioning systems that guarantee the correct temperature is always maintained to ensure the installed components work correctly and efficiently.


Telmotor proposes solutions to construct electric control panels in automation, command and control applications. With their individual and specific advice our technicians can respond to our clients’ requests for safety, ergonomics and efficiency.


Operators who work on board the machines need very high work safety standards. In Telmotor personal safety means maximum skill in proposing perfectly integrated solutions for utmost safety and reliability during on board work.

Moreover Telmotor proposes machine and plant sensor systems that grant highly efficient and safe measuring, counting, supervising, identifying and analysing operations.


A key factor in machine construction and plant management, functional safety is the system safety area that depends on the efficient fail-safe subsystems and external devices to reduce risks.