Lighting for any setting


Symbol of new beginnings, of an idea that illuminates thought, light has always been used to give character to a setting, mark positions, guide our gaze, carry contents, information and emotions.

In the knowledge that the added value of each project is given by the lighting, Telmotor Light Consulting wants to transmit the difference between light and dark with a creative design project which faces infinite space thanks to light.

Telmotor Light Consulting uses light to design spaces, defining the dimensions, views, details and character. The company works with excellent technical lighting partners, providing design advice that can satisfy the most demanding expectations, researching the best solutions to illuminate interior and exterior spaces with tailor made solutions to enhance the beauty of a place and its functions.

Based on an in-depth study of the surroundings, they chose the most suitable lighting tones and intensity, spotlights to capture the attention, or that reposition the vertical and horizontal planes. With precise external technical lighting planning, the buildings’ identities are conserved in compliance with their architectural style to fully valorise the plastic and three dimensional appearance even during the night.


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